Experimental Sound Engineering

Experimental Sound Engineering

Soundwaves research and developement

This webpage is for audio science. For publishing some research and developement. This also includes some musicprojects and a sound-library but there is much more to investigate with the power of soundwaves. There is a project growing for converting different soundfrequenties into a certain shape and to explore more possibilities with that..

..@ first there was nothing they say but we here say this is bullshit-talk. What comes around goes around and just crosses zero-point. That is also why the current universe began - huh?, it Never just begun, this is a continuous process - with just a simple breeze of vibration. And music is the answer. God("Geza777/"Ground0") said in Dutch: "....hhhHHHAlloooo ding" and from there the cycle started.
Even that cycling is constantly happening at every moment and it can show us beams of energy in different colours, with different meanings. These forms of energy can also be guided through channels and they are..
Are you getting dizzy yet? Good!
The symbol of Om, Omkar shows it partly but says it all if you can resonate with that: ॐ Check wikipedia for it.(just click on the symbol here) Linking this to other knowledge also proves our second main planet was a darker giant one and the first of our soulcicle the moon. Than Earth and then the shift to Geza4 with represents the dot in ॐ. Who understands is recalling and also in peace.
We don't want to misuse this sacred symbol and should put it in the beginning of any article about this so we will do from now on. But it is irresistable to make a new(old lost one?) pentatonic scale for it. And we did! But only on one cercain condition the symbol is not misused. Not yet..

My own build desklight speaks morsecode but i can not find a logical reason yet. I shall not take this too seriously..:
By Roy


(monday, the 9th of January 2017) My little piramid power experiment story begins with these words,..
I had made a simple copperwire piramid and put it on top of some plants in the backyard to hopefully protect them from predators. So far so good.
There used to be a stong magnetic Earth-field in a sleepingroom that was not pleasant to sleep in. Now it became a dreaming-spot!
This has proberbly to do with the copperfield leading the Earth-field away from the bed. I didn't line the piramid to the North correctly but the copper seems to do the trick.
My first intention was to try to collect cosmic energy for lighting a LED or my preamped 9V guitar from the yard. When i also had a few little and funny outter-body experiences i came to the conclusion that it ís possible to tap into a magnetic cosmic energy. Like a compas wich shows the north it has to be light as that at least.
But imagine this in a circuit, controlled and combined with your beïng, the soul. Whenever you want to have answers you could step into it and just go checking everything out as a free spirit. It would be great if this one day could be normal, daily stuff.
When i feel ready i sleep in that spot once more, but i am after some month's not ready yet with translating it into words. I say "WaaauuwY, U Universe!" because i stepped onto something very powerful. This is ready to be shared if you readers are also..

Working with Astral forces seems to be a little out of range for our Earthly beïngs and can also be a dangerous force to play with is my conclusion.
That still isn't a reason not wanting to learn more. If there is a new idea or information than it comes in the path or isn't for here.
Let's fiddle on, within our limits..

New testing and repair room

An ended project

Let The Light at the final stage be the Author and Guide of this project to help make Earth an healthy spaceship again.





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