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Somebody Happy
Roy Damen

By Roy Damen

By Roy Damen

Song for the Sun
By G & R & Blue Sky & Fun

Sleepy Time (Off to bed after this)
Geer Geilen en Roy Damen

Behind the door it can get more exciting..

Geer on keys, Roy on guitar

Geer on piano

Geer & Roy

FunOnEarth fun
Geer & Roy, Earth & fun!

Geer & Roy, Space and Earth

Geer & Roy

multitrack with Ardour(software), Roy and Geer

A bit messy but it was fun playing. Playing guitar over a (CC)radiomix.

Improvisation Song #667
We wanted something else, this is our alien result. One take without drums.

Hypno Time
Roy made a sequence for Geer to play on. The high notes sound a bit like an U96 meant to show a journey trough the Cosmos..

From the Darkroom

Inside Dakota Pipe
Geer & Roy spoke about the Dakota Access Pipeline and after that we went for a jam. Then the title came. This would be almost the sound coming from inside the pipe the way mice or rats would here. It's the noise from the machinery you here when clipping. We like to bring it with some humor. Earth will one day be healthy again...

A Sunday Friday Jam
Een one-take song with one overdub from Djembé van meester Joshua B.

An old one made by me from samples played by my diseased, mother. The Diamond orgel was distroyed by mice but i saved some parts like the Leslie-rotator and the pedals. Next time Gadget ..

Cathy,Geer en Roy Jam 2014
This was on KuNa-Festival 2014...

Jou can just download the tracks. Remember that the tracks are improvisations and that they may change in the future. It is possible that a track disappears and that you missed the change to have that version.

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