Experimental Radio Fun



This is the line out from the livingroom here. It is active when the house is radioactive.
You may also hear some other friend channels where this house is listening to and just maybe some layers on top. You can download the link and play it in your favorite musicplayer. The player here works with Firefox and also on your phone.:


While working on securing the stream you can still open the radio in a musicplayer.
Myself use it anywhere i go to plug in when music is needed.
Before a lot of trouble disturbed the thing. Now there is a lot of improvement goïng on here and one of them is to try to enable ssl for the radio.
Most newer webapps do not allow http connections anymore and that is a good thing. So i want my radio to be more progressive than most stations and not wait for devolopement to come around on this.

W.I.P. SecureRadioFun

You can also check out the

status page

If you want to listen to our playlist in the web way you can go to here: ExperimentalRadioFun