multitrack with Ardour, Roy and Geer

a little bit crappy but it was fun. Playing guitar over a radiomix. The date and the artist are known, i expect no problems with this.

Improvisation Song #667
We wanted someting else, this is our alien result. One take without drums.

Hypno Time
Roy created a sequence for Geer to play on. The high notes sound a bit like an U96 and its meant to resambles exploration in mind.

From the Darkroom

Inside Dakota Pipe
Geer&Roy were talking about the Dakota Access Pipeline and after that we went for a jam together. After that the title came. This would be almost that sound from within the pipe as mice or rats would hear i think. It's the banging of the machines when clipping. We like the humer of it, hope you do too. Earth will someday be healthy again. At least the Prophacy says..

A Sunday Friday Jam
A one-take song with one overdub with Djembé from master Joshua B.

An old one created by me wich holds samples played by my diseased, sweet and wise mother. The Diamond organ was wasted by mice but i have saved some parts like the leslie-rotator and the pedals. Next time Gadget..

You can just download the tracks. Remember that the tracks are all improvisations and they might change here in the future. There is an option to donate if you can find it.

Sample funpidgin fun